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Are You Still Living With Hip Pain??

By Tosh HospitalsPosted On 26-Jul-2017

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure which involves the surgical removal and replacement of the hip joint with pain or arthritis, with an artificial joint made of metals and plastic components. It is usually done when all other non-surgical treatment options fail to provide pain relief.

The Procedure

Hip replacement surgery procedure can be performed traditionally or by a minimally-invasive technique. The following are the steps of a standard hip replacement surgery:

 * At first local anesthesia will be given to the patient

 * After that the surgeon will remove the ball portion of the joint by cutting the thigh bone.

 * Then the surgeon attaches an artificial joint to the thigh bone using a special material that allows the remaining bone to attach to the new joint.

 * Then the surgeon will prepare the surface of the hip bone by removing the damaged cartilage and attaching the replacement socket part to the hip bone

 * The new ball part of the thigh bone is then inserted into the socket part of the hip and drains the fluid

 * Finally, the surgeon will reattach the muscles and closes the incision.

After the Surgery

After the procedure the patient will be moved to a recovery area for a few hours where a medical staff will monitor the blood pressure, pulse, comfort level, alertness till the anesthesia wears off.

Hip replacement surgeries of standard technique will have an incision of 8 to 10 inch along the side of the hip and that of a minimally invasive technique the size of the incision will be only 2 to 5 inches long.

The other advantages of minimally invasive hip replacement include:

 * The procedure can be performed through small cuts compared to standard hip replacement surgery.

 * Less blood loss

 * Can ease pain following the surgery

 * Shorter hospital stay and time for healing

 * Reduced scar appearance

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