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Avascular necrosis of the hip is a condition where the blood supply to the hip joint is compromised which in turn causes secondary osteoarthritis of the hip joint. Symptoms being pain and restriction of movements and stiffness of the hip. Unfortunately this condition affects the patients of younger and middle age groups. Total hip replacement is the treatment of choice for secondary osteoarthritisof the hip. We perform an innovative procedure- Core Decompression with stem cell therapy and cancellous bone grafting.

It is advocated to improve the function of the joint, to give pain relief and to delay the need for joint replacement.


Through a mini incision, a drill hole is made in the head of the femur bone to decompress the hip
joint. Simultaneously 60ml of bone marrow is aspirated from the hip bone. The bone marrow is
concentrated to obtain stem cell and growth factors. This is then mixed with a clotting gel and is
injected into  the  hip joint after   decompression   through the drill  hole.  Cancellous bone graft  is harvested from the iliac crest and filled into the drill hole. This procedure requires hospitalization of two days. Post operatively patient needs to walk by partial weight bearing on the operated site for 6 weeks with a walker support, following which, full weight bearing can be started.

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Minimally invasive procedure.
Shorter duration of hospitalisation.
Delaying the process of hip joint replacement.
Natural way to preserve the hip joint.
Safer alternative prior to joint replacement.

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