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To treat Arthritis there are variety of solutions available to effectively tackle the problem and modify the course of severe cartilage degeneration. Medicines, topical agents and intraarticular agents are only for short term relief for mild to moderate joint degeneration. The research is extensively being done for studying innovative methods of stimulating cartilage repair damage. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a simple low cost and minimally invasive modality which gives a natural concentrate of autologous Growth factors (GF) at the cartilage defect and repairs it.

PRP Injection is a simple outpatient procedure. In this procedure 15ml of venous blood is aspirated and centrifuged, the PRP is separated which contains activated plasma and growth factors. The PRP is then injected into the affected site under sterile conditions.

Today PRP is portrayed as a wonder drug and is being extensively being used in Orthopaedic practice.

At TOSH we use PRP to manage degenerative problems like Osteoarthritis, Cartilage defects as in sports injuries and also local inflammatory conditions such as Tennis Elbow(TE) and Plantar Fascitis(PF) and as intararticular in knee joint, shoulder joint and elbow joint.

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  • I was almost of crutches due to some fall and excessive swelling of my knee joint. Upon some medi

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